The Rise in Accessible Luxury Designer Brands

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The Rise in Accessible

Luxury Designer Brands

Exclusivity has long played a part in the allure of luxury designer brands. Along with higher price tags, they create a lifestyle image that was once reserved for those with more cash to spend. Fast forward a few years, the generational divide for Millennials and Generation Z, and their predecessors has started to widen. In part due to the stark difference between disposable income for these groupings.

As Gen Z and Millennials will soon start to account for a significant chunk of luxury consumers, brands are taking steps to market according to buying preferences. Take a look at how:

The Power of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media plays a huge part in buying habits. Influencers often post straight from catwalk shows. Plus the latest must-haves flood Instagram after celebrity endorsements. Once upon a time, luxury brands would have cringed at the thought of exclusive designs becoming as commonplace as the fast fashion giants. However, attitudes are changing in the ranks.

Overexposure is a significant problem in social media. So luxury outlets are adopting marketing opportunities to balance exclusivity and accessibility. That’s not to say this has been an easy task, but one designer is managing to hone in on this new age of social media.

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The Gucci Effect

With over 50 million posts on Instagram that feature #gucci, you’ll start to notice the type of ways this luxury brand influences current purchases. Many individuals aren’t top to toe in the iconic logo, yet display a subtler approach to luxury buys.

Gucci belts have proved a massive hit in recent years. This delicate detail adds an exclusive feel to an outfit without an inaccessible price tag. Other luxury brands are following suit with Moschino and Louis Vuitton all creating an accessible selection of bags, scarves and belts to recreate a designer look.

Alongside the accessibility of fashion purchases, luxury brands can also take the opportunity to market the longevity of its designs. As shoppers become more conscious of their fashion choices, luxury lends itself to the needs of this buyer. Take a look at why:

The Sustainability Conversation

The basic principles of luxury fashion production make this industry a prime candidate to respond positively to sustainable buying habits. In a study by Nielsen, Millennial respondents were willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable or socially conscious brand. Plus 81% expect brands to be transparent in their marketing and actively talk about their sustainability impact.

Luxury brands have not only been innovating with green initiatives to plug this gap. They are also focused on providing a timeless product that lasts for years not months. Vivienne Westwood, Gucci and Burberry are among the many designers modifying practices to encourage a circular economy.

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The Exclusivity and Accessibility Balancing Act

Without devaluing their luxury appeal and status, brands have an important task ahead to appeal to a new generation of buyers. However, this is a positive step to ensure they reach a broader consumer base while staying true to their values.

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