Sample Sale London Sunglasses

Introducing Az Art

Our One and Only Sunglasses Expert

Sunglasses are arguably the one item that can make or break your entire wardrobe. No matter your size or shape, if your hair is behaving or not. Sunglasses are a comforting barrier if you’re feeling shy, or a way to express your outgoing personality – depending on your mood.

Picture this: you’ve finally found the perfect pair that makes a statement and still miraculously somehow goes with everything, it can take your look from drab to fab in an instant. Make the mistake of leaving your new shades at home, and your outfit can never really live its best life. The good news is you’re mere moments away from finding your next pair of shades to wear all season long, and this is due to our incredible summer sale happening in London next week.

Introducing Az Art, our fabulous new sunglasses agent who, if you’ve been to one of our recent sales, will know is a ray of sunshine, a friendly and knowledgeable gentleman and really understands the importance of sunglasses to protect your eyes and complete your whole look.

We recently caught up with Az to ask him a few questions about our new favourite summer accessory:

For those who haven’t met you at one of our sales, please tell us a little about yourself…

“I’ve worked in the luxury independent eyewear retail / wholesale business for over twenty years. What I love most about working with sunglasses is how such a small personal item that not only has its health benefits but can also deliver a lot of style, and at times can make, change or finish a look to perfection. Over the years I’ve sold to a high net worth clientele, including many celebrities and royals, too. But on the whole I sell mostly to folk who are interested in looking after their eyes and enjoy wearing spectacles and sunglasses, with seasonal optical updates”

Sample Sale London Sunglasses
Sample Sale London Sunglasses

How do you recommend the right pair of spectacles or sunglasses?

“I always find it hard to believe there is not a pair or few to suit all face types each season. A few basic guidelines for a good fit would be to have the upper rim of the sunglasses to follow the brow line and not to come beyond the temple/head width, with the lower rims to shadow the cheek bones making sure there is no contact with the cheeks. After which –  all styles and colours are game! Don’t forget to just have fun and go with a favourite colour, detail or seasonal trend”

What’s hot right now?

“Oversized, mid-century rounds, 1990s smaller and angular; however the round, rose gold and mirrors are still going strong”

SS20 predictions?

“I am predicting layering, combining different materials, eco-recycled / digitally/ 3D printing details”

You’re a new addition to the One & Only family and your sunglasses are always hugely popular with our loyal shoppers. What is it about our sales that you enjoy so much?

“It has a great energy, attracts a creative type who is always looking to buy great style and quality at unbelievable prices”

Where else do you like to hang out if you’re on Regent Street?

Scully – an absolute must in contemporary dining and headed by the chef who delivered great perfection at Nopi!! Ole & Steen is great for coffee too.

Are you bringing anything new with you for our sale in August?

Yes… you’ll have to book your free ticket to see my new collection!

Sample Sale London Sunglasses