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Jane Carr Scarves

Jane Carr

New to One and Only

Launched in 2005, Jane Carr is dedicated to the creation of luxury hand-finished accessories. Each season the collections maintain high levels of craftsmanship to create coveted eclectibles that are synonymous with distinctive prints that embody a love affair with colour.


“Our priority is to create products that make you feel good. i look for a spirit of individuality and a freedom to be yourself.” Jane Carr, London 2013.

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Marios Schwab

Ready to Wear

MARIOS SCHWAB took inspiration from the three Fs today: frames, facets and folds. You hadn’t forgotten those ones had you?

The idea here then meant that angular lines and structure could also sit in harmony with fluid and fragmented dimensions – so there were bolero-boxy jackets alongside handkerchief hemlines (remember those?) on wispy skirts; trousers bunched at the ankle and slashed on the inner thigh to give a sense of movement; shirting; lots of slits and slashes; and then the eveningwear gowns, all gauzy and sparkle-encrusted, that we see from him time and again. At times, there was a little too much going on. The show notes described the collection as “narrating a personality unburdened by restraint” but perhaps a little more focus was needed.

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Marios Schwab